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Adorn Body Piercing


Adorn Body Piercing and Co takes Hygiene and Sterilisation extremely seriously.


Adorn Body Piercing LTD adheres to all Health and Hygiene 2013 Bylaws as required for Auckland Councils Health Protection License.​ 

  • All cleaning agents for surfaces are medical grade solutions as required by the AS/NZS 4187:2003 standard.  All surfaces and equipment are sterilised between each piercing as per the Piercing of the Skin code of practice.

  • All sterilising equipment goes above and beyond the basic requirement as per the Australian standard AS 2773. 1:1998.  Including Ultrasonic Devices and Autoclave Equipment.

  • All piercing jewellery is sterilized in Ethanol 95WP hospital Grade sterilising solution in accordance with the Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013 and the Auckland Council Piercing of the Skin Guidelines.

  • All Consumable products including needles are single use in accordance with the Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013

  • All cartridge piercing equipment adheres to the Auckland Council Piercing of the Skin Guidelines and are sealed sterilized single use equipment only used on the soft lobe area as per the Auckland Council Health Protection License guidelines

  • All single-use needles/razors are immediately disposed of according to  2014 Health and Hygiene Code of Practice 2013 19 AS/NZS 4261: 1994 A1;

  • Any reusable instrument or like article used in that process is thoroughly cleansed, disinfected and sterilised in accordance with the provisions of Minimum Standard 3(24) and kept in such a manner to maintain its sterility before use on any other customer or the same customer at a later time;

  • All sharps containers and bio hazard waste bins comply with AS/NZS 4031: 1992, and are disposed of sharps and bio hazard wastes via Nitrogenx

Every client is informed of the risks and procedures in detail, particularly aftercare advice in verbal and written form in accordance with the Auckland Council Body Piercing code of practice.

Written consent is required for all needle piercings as per the Auckland Body Piercing Code of Practice.

To view any of our hygiene processes or sterilising systems please just ask!

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